Our training sessions will help you better understand this topic and integrate it into your processes for creating or updating websites, mobile applications, and downloadable documents.

Main training courses

  • Information session
  • Web designers (project manager, graphic designer, ergonomist, copywriter...)
  • Developers / integrators / QA
  • Using screen readers (NVDA, Jaws, VoiceOver, ZoomText)
  • Word
  • Acrobat Pro

Pedagogical approach

  • Work in the participants’ professional context
  • Lecture and experiential mode
  • Teaching tools
    • Printed course material
    • Checklist
    • Videos
    • Practical and immersive exercises
    • Use of screen readers used by blind people
    • Case studies

Updates to our training curriculums

Our training courses are updated several times a year to reflect the specific development and production environments of enterprises and government agencies.

Course support

Course materials in PDF format and a checklist of control criteria are emailed to students. Videos and/or online examples are used to illustrate key points.

Course Location

  • On-site (best option)
  • Videoconference

Room equipment

  • Internet access
  • Video projector
  • One computer per attendee (except for information sessions)

Number of attendees per session

  • Minimum: no minimum
  • Recommended maximum: Approximately 12 people per group